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Brian Toews
Owner, General Manager, Lead Contractor

We all take different paths to reach the career we were destined for. Brian’s road to establishing his own general contracting business began in the high school shop. First, as an enthusiastic student, then (many years later) as an industrial arts teacher.

While he loved working with youth to share his skills and passion for woodwork and building – he yearned for a job where HIS work would receive top grades. So in 2004, Brian left his teaching job behind to establish Binford Contracting.

There are several things that make Brian an exceptional general contractor. First, he is an extremely skilled craftsman who can do just about anything that has to do with home renovation. He knows his stuff. Second, he is meticulous when it comes to his work and that of his subcontractors (he’s a strong manager). Third, he is highly creative and able to envision how a project should look when it’s done (he’s an ideas guy). Fourth, he’s established a well-earned reputation for honesty and integrity. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he truly loves what he does… and that is reflected in his work.

Brian is a proud papa and husband. Between projects he enjoys escaping to Mara Lake to bask in the water and the summer sun with his family and friends.

Kelly Toews
Site Manager/Contractor

When Brian established Binford Contracting, he wanted to surround himself with hard workers he knew and trusted. The first person who came to mind when looking for a site manager was his younger brother, Kelly, who came on board as a full time employee in 2006.

Kelly shares the family passion and talent for building and renovation. While he was enrolled in the Renewable Resource Management program at Lethbridge College, he would spend his summers framing new homes in Springbank.

Kelly is a man of many talents. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of residential construction. Kelly is also highly efficient (as the one doing the work and when it comes to managing sub contractors).

Clients regularly comment on Kelly’s enthusiasm, dedication and the order he brings to the job site. They also admiringly mention his ability to expertly whistle just about any tune while he works.

As a testament to his dependability, Kelly hasn’t taken so much as a single sick day since joining the Binford team.